Funny Phrases

This is day 12 of the #30daywritingchallenge. I don’t know why this one, of all the topics we’ve had, has been difficult for me.

From all accounts, I’m a funny person. Especially when it’s unintentional. Or so I am told. How to translate that into writing is a whole other question.

Already off topic. Do you see my avoidance? Really, I should talk to someone about this.

Today’s subject is two words/phrases that make me laugh. I’m amazed that I am stumbling on this one. I mentioned it to My Companion and he gave me the side eye. “Really? You’re having trouble with this?”


So it finally came to me around midnight. We were coming back from the store and we have to come in through a security gate. We have a card we swipe, or a clicker thing. I like the clicker thing. I feel like Batman (the Batman). Sometimes the gate is swinging closed as I come upon it.

“Rethink your intentions,” said with a slight Romanian accent. In a deep voice. It’s from one of the video games I mentioned earlier, Diablo 3. My crusader says it. Often. Usually when I’m out of wrath. It makes me chuckle every time I hear it, and now it’s bled into real life.

That shouldn’t be surprising. I mentioned everything but the actual name of the game in our wedding vows, so you know I’m obsessed. For over two years now.

The second word or phrase isn’t really anything specific. I often lose myself in words. I don’t really know how to explain it and giving an example is impossible. The thoughts and ideas move too fast for me to keep hold. But I’ll try.

I’ll start thinking about a word. Something like dominion. I’ll say it over and over in my head until it really isn’t a word anymore, just sounds. Then I let other words that sound similar come to me and kinda ride this weird word association train that takes me to insanely interesting places.

Sometimes I figure out a political issue that’s been bothering me. Sometimes an entire plot line will become clear. All based off of one random word that took me places I hadn’t considered.

It reminds me of this thing I read in John Sandford’s Kidd series (7 of 7 recommend). When the protagonist, a very logical guy who solves insanely difficult hacking and real life puzzles/problems regularly, gets stuck on a problem, he will break out a tarot deck. Not because he believes the spirits will guide him, but because it makes him think outside of the box in ways he wouldn’t imagine. It often seems prescient when all is said and done, but Sandford is a good writer and I would expect that.

Anyway, no specific word I can point to will make me laugh, but any word at any time may trigger a chuckle. Sometimes I can explain why, other times I make up a quick joke on something around me because no one needs to get lost in the labyrinth that is my brain and words and their associations. Sometimes I don’t even know why random words will cause a chuckle. Again, I should probably talk to someone. Heh.

One thought on “Funny Phrases

  1. I have to say that I am loving this 30 day journal of yours! I get to learn a little about what makes you you! It makes reading your books so much more fun and interesting! I really hope when this 30 days is over you start a new 30 day challenge! Thank you for sharing part of you with us!!

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