Relationship Status: Married

This is for Day 11 of the #30daywritingchallenge a group of authors is running with on Facebook. It is a day late, once again. Anyone following my author page should know why. Not following me there? Silliness. Facebook Author Page

I wrote about my relationship with my spouse on day 3, a post I titled First Kiss, Last Love. It was about our first date and how romantic and contrary and awesome it was. The obvious point of that post was leading up to us being married. So now I’m not sure exactly what to discuss here.

Perhaps what our marriage is like? That seems fair. It should also prove challenging as I like to keep my personal life quite separate from my author life. Separate entities and all that. “Stalker Stanley’s need not apply”, as I like to say.

Our marriage is built on love. The mature kind, not chemically induced fire that will eventually burn itself out. That alone is a wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong, the flames are there, but there are solid coals underneath.

It’s built on cooperation, which includes a lot of communication. I buy Five Hour energy drinks when I run to the store, he turns on the coffeemaker every morning. It’s not a discussed thing, it’s just what we do because we care about each other.

Communication in that he works a stressful, more than full-time job. I am a SAHW/SAHA – Stay At Home Wife/Stay At Home Author. Due to a medical condition, my SO does not drive. I worry about the scheduling and the other home essentials, he worries about the bills. We both end up worrying about both, but that’s because we’re natural worriers all around.

Overthinking? We can do that and then some.

We do most things together. He likes to head out and about sometimes when I would rather stay in, and that works well for us. We both get what we need. I’m slightly more introverted than he is, though I can act more extroverted when the situation calls for it. I consider it a chameleon thing that helps with the author thing.

We’ve taught each other about music, and video games, and movies, and books. Which says we talk. A lot. That’s a good thing.

Today is Saturday. I spent the morning on our hot balcony – like Superman, I believe I regenerate from the sun – and he was inside the air conditioned apartment – he’s a big guy that doesn’t like the heat. We were each playing our video games, and enjoying each other’s company. In a weird way.

He’ll visit on the porch and ask how the Delicious Emily crew is doing. I play a lot of those games, even reviewed the whole series. Review of the Delicious Emily Time Management Game Series. I’ll pop inside and see how Assassin’s Creed or other MMO’s are going. Often on the weekends we play Diablo III together. That takes cooperation and communication and bonding to a whole new level.

Lately we’ve discovered the Pokemon Go game. I swore I wouldn’t download it, especially because it involves a lot of walking and my back has been bad. Now that I’m doing physical therapy, the back is getting better, so I installed it the other day. How could I not? It involves several things I enjoy:

Walking, Video Games, Competition, Puzzles

I mean, seriously. I never watched the shows or played the card game, but I’m enjoying this. For fun informational purposes: I named my Slowbro Dunkin. Like Dunkin Donuts. Ha!

Somehow I got way off topic.

So, that’s what it is for us. This is the second time either of us has been married. It is completely different than any other relationship we’ve had.

We both consider ourselves quite lucky.


2 thoughts on “Relationship Status: Married

  1. You know Ang, I love these stories! The part about your marriage is the communication LOL. Hubby and I have been married 45 years and strange as it seems there has not been a lot of communication. He is not a talker LOL but we have made it work thank goodness. Somehow I can so picture you doing Pokemon Go and loving it. Go forth and conquer LOL!!!

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