The Awfulness That is Fruit

This is Day 10 of the #30daywritingchallenge. I’m actually back to posting day of. Yay me! The topic is a fruit I dislike.

To be honest with you, it’d be easier to tell you about the fruits that I do like, as there are so few of them. And it’s not a flavor thing. I LOVE apple and orange and kiwi and all sorts of other kinds that I will absolutely buy a bottle of juice of.

The actual eating of said fruit is a whole other matter. I can’t stand mushy apples, any oranges, and kiwis are just weird. My brain has a thing about textures. Or maybe it’s my tongue. Either way. I try not to tempt it anymore.

There’s nothing worse than loving how something tastes, and immediately wanting to vomit. Every. Where.

The worst time was at a pool party. We lined up in the driveway for grape Jello shots. I love grape, I kinda didn’t mind Jello in very small batches and shot glasses are small, so why not?

The purple mess went at least 5 feet when it was forcefully ejected. It barely got to touch the back of my throat and I knew this was not going to end well. Thank God there was a hose nearby. And forgiving friends. I’ve only heard about it for approximately the rest of my life.

I bumped into one of those friends after 10 years of not seeing or hearing from them or anything. It was a totally random bump when I was visiting town last. And I was reminded of the story. Half the people my age can’t keep their kids’ names straight when they’re in trouble, but those damn Jello shots will forever haunt me.


Point being, I have an odd relationship with food. I’ve talked about it before. Stress Starving – Yes, that’s a thing and the update 60 Day Update on My Struggle With Stress Starving.

So I passionately love fruit, and dislike it at the same time. I have many bad associations with the eating of fruit. And it makes me sad.

Watermelon, though. Love that stuff. Fingers, fork, frozen, and ‘fridged, it’s all good in my ‘hood. Somehow I’ve been able to get past the mushiness of watermelon. It gives me hope for the future.

One thought on “The Awfulness That is Fruit

  1. I am a texture person too! I can’t stand bananas or avocados! it is the mushiness I think but bananas it is the smell and the taste. It is weird how some food just effect us so weird!!

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