Where I Would Live…

But have not visited. This is day 5 of the 30 day writing challenge.

Fun! I’ve visited many places, lived in many different areas temporarily.

This place, however, has always captured my imagination, if not my heart.

It’s Ireland, of course.

I’ve read many the romance book where the hero or heroine moves to Ireland, usually temporarily for an inheritance or escape from a former love type thing, so of course I want to go there and live amongst the rolling green hills and that gorgeous brogue I only pretend to understand.

My imagination is vivid – it had better be, I chose a creative career, for sweet mercy’s sake – so I can easily picture how it would be. Or, sort of.

Does everyone live in tiny cottages or thatched huts? Do they have unicorns tied up outside as pets or work animals? Surely there are larger homes and apartments. Game of Thrones always come to mind, where the peasants and villagers live in those books/shows. Oh God, are there White Walkers in Northern Ireland? Is that the secret?

The reality is that moving across my own country is hard. I’ve done it, multiple times. Hell, we just moved across state and we’re still reeling from the differences. Think it’s culture shock to go from a small (racist) town in Florida to Orlando? Now imagine it’s a whole different country and culture, a culture with a rich and full history of tragedy and celebration.

Yeah, it would take a year to feel less like an interloper and like someone who lived there. The problems would seem 800 times worse than they are here. Leaky roof? Have fun trying to understand the roofer. I am sure there are nefarious people who would screw over the yanks in a heartbeat. Driving would be very different. Does Waze work there? Does the lady have an Irish accent?

Do they call us yanks? I should do more research on the countries I choose to hypothetically live in.

Extreme stress or not, if someone offered me a home (and we had steady employment available) of course I would go to Ireland. I bet money after 6 months I would beg people to bring me back to the States, however. I love it here. Maybe next time I do one of these “Where would you live?” things, I’ll pick California instead.

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