10 Interesting Facts About A.K. Lawrence

Today is day 4 of the #30daywritingchallenge and the topic is 10 interesting facts about me. These are always fun. I can come up with 10 facts, they may or may not be interesting to others.

I’m quite curious to see what other people are putting down as their facts today, what they consider interesting about themselves.

Who is this moral authority who decides what’s interesting? Inquiring minds want to know.

Let’s get to our bullet list, shall we?

  1. I am one of those inherently/innately lucky people. It’s a fact of life, and one I’ve come to accept. A few of the many ways that I am lucky will show up further down this list, but short story is I tend to end up better off than where I started, even when things turn into an absolute shit show (Booktrope, I’m looking at you here).
  2. Cutting an onion does not make me cry. When I was younger, first job in the restaurant world, stronger onions would cause a bit of the watery eyes, but now I can cut any of them without a wince. It’s not even a consideration. I completely forget that other people cry until I see it happen. I often volunteer my services when I see this happen, and have become a champion onion slicer and dicer.
  3. I am a SAHW and SAHA. For those not in the know, that would be Stay at Home Wife and Stay at Home Author. I am blessed that I need not work a “day job” while I pursue this dream of mine.
  4. I am also a PANK. This means Professional Aunt, No Kids. I absolutely love children, as long as they are other people’s. I enjoy playing with the kids, can totally get down on their level, but I’m super excited when they go home and my quiet time is my own again.
  5. Part of #4 is that I’m what I call “gleefully childfree”. It wasn’t a plan, not really, but it’s worked out that way and I’m good with it. Technically I’m a step-parent/grandparent and have actually written a blog piece about that. Based on how well it’s done upon posting, this would be considered interesting. Why I Am Childless at 38 (and Will Remain So) Click Image To View
  6. Slot machines and scratch off tickets love me. I may not always profit, but I tend to win enough to keep going. My big wins aren’t too high, $2000 off of one and $600 on another scratcher, but I do well enough to go back to the store and buy more – or crank another $20 into a slot machine and have it last 3 hours.
  7. I firmly believe karma plays a part in my luck. When I won the $2000 on the scratch off ticket, I had just given homeless guys my last $5. It wasn’t and can’t be a planned thing. “Oh, here are some people that need help. I should help them so it comes back to me later on,” isn’t how that works. It’s more of a mindless, random act of kindness that pays benefits later. I’m probably the only one who catches the pattern. When I do win big, I tend to do things for other people. Friends of mine needed a baby crib so I used some of my winnings for that purpose.
  8. We adopted our cat when he was way too young. I bottle-fed him for several weeks, and for one week I had to pretend I was a momma cat and help him go potty. Because of this, he has seriously imprinted me as his momma, and stalks me everywhere I go. We have a psychic bond that even my disbelieving SO has to admit exists. Reality is the cat is so in tune with my tone of voice and body language, that he knows what is expected of him. Because he’s a good boy, he complies. He was originally named Shirin, which is Farsi for “sweet”, but now we call him Binny.
  9. I have been in three car accidents. Two of them were serious enough I had to leave in an ambulance, but was able to walk away from each of them, ultimately. Two were other people’s faults, one was weather related/Act of God. I have recently begun physical therapy sessions to finish healing up from the last – and more serious – accident in 2014.
  10. Every single character in my books is based off of a real person. When I use a certain speech impediment, or a clothing quirk, it’s because I’ve known people that have that odd characteristic. Like every other author, I am forced to say that real or perceived likenesses are coincidental, but come on, we all know the truth.
  11. Bonus fact: I look like a marathon runner, and I let people believe that rather than admit I’m lazy with bad knees and prefer walking. Let them think I stay in shape however they see fit.

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