5 Thoughts On Social Media

A group of authors are enjoying a writing challenge over the next 30 days. If you search #30daywritingchallenge on FaceBook, there should be many people who are writing about the same things. We’re all original, so there should be several different takes.

I’m quite interested to see how it all turns out.

Day 1 is Five Problems with Social Media. I don’t know that I have five problems, but I do have five thoughts, often mixed into one. So here goes:

  1. The immediacy of Twitter, FaceBook, and Reddit impress me. News hits instantly and can be followed second for second. Case in point, the elections. There are updates nearly every five minutes, it seems, and we can easily be aware of all of them
  2. The immediacy of Twitter and FaceBook, and Reddit are also a problem. People have an opportunity to release all of their reactions to an audience. An audience that cares, and is probably feeding on that reaction to grow its own. Tidal waves of emotion have been brought up by stories that later turn out to be false, or merely idle speculation. I find Social Media dangerous in this aspect. They released a photo of a man believed to be carrying a gun. It was the wrong man, he wasn’t in the area, but now when future employers look him up, that will be one of the first things they see.
  3. There is a serious lack of privacy. Many people overshare. I am often amazed by the information they will freely hand out. I often want to message my friends to ensure their pages are locked down in privacy settings, but even if they are, that doesn’t stop people they have invited to their page from knowing every detail of their plans. I am guilty of this, or have been in the past. It’s one reason why I have an author and a personal page, so I can keep the two separate.  I swore the two would never mix, but that was an idle promise.
  4. Those quizzes. Your birth month means this! The day means this! And now we know your stripper name is this! (And also your birthdate, sometimes including year on the especially sneaky ones so there is at least one of your security answers…) ‘Nuff said.
  5. It often makes me miss my family more than I expect. I live 1800 miles away from the niblings and the rest of the family. It’s great to see their pictures and videos, I love it when new ones are posted, but it breaks my heart. The kids are growing fast and I’m missing it. It was by my own choice – no one made me move to Florida – but, still. I miss them.


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