At Wit’s End Free for Current Military or Veterans

I care for our U.S. Armed Forces, very much. I respect what you do, and I like to honor you when I can.

It is for this reason that I am offering my book At Wit’s End to you for free. The only condition being that they are e-editions, so Kindle, iBook, or Nook.

Here is the synopsis:

When adversity strikes, will you run, hide . . . or fight back?

When an explosion shatters the life of golden boy Bradley ‘Wit’ Witson, he buries himself in his secret identity as Zero, a hacker respected by the denizens of the Dark Net. Grief numbs him to everything but his new purpose: vengeance.

Theft and betrayal threaten the future of Marie Chase’s fledgling event-planning company, C U There. With no where else to turn, Marie seeks help from the Dark Net. Heartbroken and angry, Marie is determined to thrive.

Could Wit could be the solution to Marie’s problem?
Could Marie be the antidote to Wit’s misery?

As Wit and Marie bond over good food and bad interior design, Wit’s past threatens to ruin everything. His insistence on justice puts the young couple in the crosshairs of a shadowy organization.

A.K., you ask, how can I get this free book?

Easy! Send me an email at that includes a photo of yourself in uniform. It does not have to be recent. You can crop the picture to remove your face and maintain privacy, if you prefer.

When I receive the pictures, I’ll respond to ask for which format serves you best.

Thank you for all you do!


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