America, It’s Time To Have A Chat

John Oliver/Edward Snowden interview

Above please find a link to an interview I consider to be required watching.

No matter what one thinks of Edward  Snowden – whether he’s a patriot or a traitor, white hat or black hat – it’s time to deal with the aftermath of his actions.

When the brouhaha began every single person had an opinion. Government surveillance is wrong! Government surveillance is necessary! Snowden should be shot as a modern day Benedict Arnold! Snowden should be decorated as a national treasure/hero!

It’s easy to go back and forth on both sides of it. I know I have.

The Patriot Act scared the Hell out of me when it was passed. I keep hearing this talking point about “ObamaCare”, we had to pass it to see what was in it. I’m not saying this is a correct point but I keep hearing it. How was that any different than the Patriot Act? something we’re still finding out the details of today.

As John Oliver said in his piece, we’re talking about Section 215 because it’s the easiest to understand. That thing is a broad morass of legalese so if we’re having problems talking about THIS, then what makes us think we have the mental or intestinal fortitude to discuss the other very complicated issues in a bill we passed when the country was frightened?

As a person I know that any decisions I make while in the midst of fear or anger or any other strong emotion should be revisited at a later time. Isn’t it time we revisited the Patriot Act all around!?

So time has passed and Americans, perhaps tired of hearing about conversations we need to have, have tuned back out. Not all of them, I don’t mean to say that, but the majority of people have buried their heads in the sand content to be able to post their photos on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

No one is truly up in arms about this. Oh sure they say they care but when it comes time to put their vote up they stay home, or vote along partisan lines.

Why are we treating our National Security like its the next blue/gold dress? We talk abut it for a week and then it goes into archives for our ancestors to look at and wonder what the hell was wrong with us. Right along with pictures of a grumpy cat they may assume was the greatest philosopher of our times.

I’m not saying we need Starbucks to write something on our cups to stir up 5 minutes of conversation while we wait for our scones. That whole thing felt like an insult when they did it with race but at least they tried. What I am saying is it’s well past time to talk about our surveillance state regardless of the catalyst.

Take Snowden out of the equation. That cat is way out of the bag and if it hadn’t been him I would hope it would have been someone else eventually because, hate him or love him, he was right.

Open forum, my friends. Comments are open and I’m happy to chat on Twitter at @ak_lawrence or on FaceBook at

The Patriot Act is to be renewed June 1 and that’s plenty of time to contact our representatives and get this broader conversation started.

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