Trevor Noah, The New Host of The Daily Show, is Not Satan

The headline doesn’t say it quite loud enough so I’ll repeat it.

Trevor Noah is not Satan, regardless of what he may have sent out over Twitter five years ago. This backlash was expected, anticipated even in this household, and we’re both shaking our heads over it.

When Jon Stewart announced he was leaving The Daily Show a lot of peoples’ hearts broke. We were losing Brian Williams and had just temporarily lost Colbert from our evening television schedules. The debate broke out instantly with many names being tossed around as a suitable replacement. Jessica Williams, Jason Jones and a Samantha Bee partnership and many others were suggested.

We paid attention to the arrival of Trevor Noah to The Daily Show with great interest. About a year ago we randomly came across one of his specials on Showtime and we were obsessed. I’d hunt down clips on YouTube and AirPlay them over our AppleTV and make my guy watch these truncated, bouncy clips. Because they were funny.

Trevor Noah is a polyglot (he speaks 6 languages at last count), he comes from not only an interesting culture but a culture where his very existence is not legal and if you think he doesn’t have something to say about all of that, you’d have your head buried in sand.

He’s done a few segments with Stewart on TDS and they fell flat. I wish more people had researched the young man before they started calling for his removal as his style is very specific. Part of it is the accent and part of it is his humor. If i had at least 6 words for something I wanted to say I might have issue with delivery, too.

This young man may not be considered accomplished here but research him in other countries – that’s what Google is for, after all – and you may be surprised at what he’s done at the age he has reached.

Which brings me to my next point. The man is 31 years old. The tweets that are raising such a controversy are from five years ago when he was still doing the stand-up tours (which he’s doing even now). He was a young comic using a new medium to test out jokes. Do you stand by the same jokes you were making when you were 25?

Jon Stewart’s first foray into talk shows wasn’t The Daily Show. He had his own show on MTV. Can anyone promise me he never said anything slightly controversial there before he signed on to host The Daily Show (a fashion show that was simply awful until Stewart fixed it) much less after? Stewart has been in headlines for goofy things. He owns up. Can we give a young man the same chance?

A lot of people are upset Stewart is leaving. They really hoped he would change his mind and stay for the 2016 election. I understand why he wouldn’t want to do that. His reasons for leaving the show were laid out quite clearly when he announced it. They’re allowed to be upset. He’s been a part of our lives for a long time.

What’s not fair is when they take their grief out on the replacement, a replacement whom Stewart threw his entire weight behind when he pitched the studio execs. I have faith that he’s confidant in that decision so shouldn’t we all be?

In some cases it’s not the fans of the show who are raising as much noise about this situation. It’s coming from people that wouldn’t want to see someone intelligent, funny and with no skin in the game come in and pick up where Stewart had left off. And let’s not pull any punches here, Stewart started leaving off about a year ago.

So, I ask everyone to take some time, watch some clips of this funny, young man and, oh I don’t know, pull their panties out of the wad?

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