Why Must We Lose Jon Stewart and Brian Williams and Stephen Colbert While The World Burns?

Ebola is running rampant! Terrorists are bombing and shooting the crap out of Europe! ISIS is taking over Iraq and Syria! Governments are falling and ISIS sympathizers are taking their places! Russia is being a possessive jerk and won’t leave Ukraine alone! Asia based airplanes are disappearing and falling from the skies! North Korea is crazy! China is sinister!

Not one of those declarative sentences cover our domestic problems and yet they’re enough to induce a panic attack. Most of those declarative sentences are straight forward and they’re enough to induce a panic attack.

Now turn on the news. What do we see? Fox and CNN and MSNBC allowing their pundits to wax ineloquently about the further dangers in our near future.

We generally allow the news to run on our television all day. Most companies I’ve worked for had news channels running through the entire day. I often feel…

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