Curiosity Kills The AK?

I have a very curious nature. I like to know random things, talk to just about any people who will talk back and essentially learn whatever I can. It’s not a bad trait to have. 

Walt Disney said: We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

I don’t agree 100% with the Disney philosophy but I totally appreciate the sentiment in this quote. 

Much of my wonder can be satisfied by the internet. The ability to research any subject at the touch of a button instead of having to search through card catalogs has made modern life far easier. One would think that would give the intelligence quotient of our modern peoples a boost but, alas, many choose to tamp down their curiosity and live day to day. 

I’ve written posts before about internet searches I have done. One of which I wrote right when the NSA controversy was hitting. I once checked to see if there are beavers in Egypt (I still love that I actually wanted to know that though I can no longer remember why) and I wanted to know what kind of artifacts and fossils had floated to the surface of the La Brea Tar Pits which taught me that North America once had their own camels. Pretty cool, eh?

For in person research I’ve talked to countless people and I could never list them all here. I call it research but really I’m sorta nosy.

One example: I asked a doctor friend of mine if a person who had been scalped would die from the wound or merely bleed a lot and, if they would die, how long do you suppose that would take?

Another example: We’ve all heard of Scientology by now. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are part of that and thus it was brought to mainstream attention. I had never talked to a Scientologist. When my companion and I were on our first date he took me to a place in Ybor City here in Florida. There’s a super duper old building that is considered a landmark. The Scientologists bought the building and it’s now one of their compounds (? compounds sounds like a bad sentiment instead of estate but I was having word choice problems). The place we were at was across the street and my companion gave me the lowdown. Apparently Floridians REALLY don’t like the Scientologists being there and it has caused the Scientologists to ramp up their security. 

So, it’s like 2:30 in the morning. We look across the street and one of the men responsible for locking their gates is almost to the sidewalk. I leap out of my chair and go hauling butt across the street. Mainly I want to talk to this guy and wish him a good night. It sounded like they may not get that very often and I’m generally a nice person.

Were it not for the impulsive meeting I wouldn’t know anything about a guy named Ivan from Hungary. I wouldn’t know he’s a nice guy who’s merely living his life and not this greedy bastard who’s trying to steal our land and civic pride (or something along those lines). I try not to demonize groups of people but talking to Ivan was a nice reminder that even when a group of people does something you don’t like, that does not make them all bad people. 

That’s as close as I’m willing to come to talking about politics at this point in time. That last sentence is pretty important in life but I digress. 

Third example: When we were younger the majority of us knew the Jenny song. Most of us can sing that chick’s phone number. 867-5309 anyone? And we all dialed it within our own area codes when we were kids because, hello, curiosity. Would someone answer? Would their name be Jenny? No and no from my experience. 

Lately Tostitos has had commercials up. Boring party? Call this number and the Party Patrol will come give you some half stale chips and dip that is pretty bland. Thanks, guys. I’ll admit it. I was bored and curious one night and I called the number they put on the screen. 

It was a real number! And they instantly started spamming my cell phone. Party tips, recipes, all sorts of things. If you want a chip company texting you on a daily basis, I suggest Tostitos. They were very polite when I sent 4 different STOP messages and did, indeed, stop spamming me. 

How will knowing their phone number is real help me in life? There are a couple of ways. For one, it’s a story to tell. Not my best, nowhere near, but it is a story and I just told it here so score one for me. Also, if I’m ever at some SERIOUSLY boring party, i can hit that number up and see what I can do to liven things up with jokes, recipes, etc. Generally I don’t end up at boring parties as I know a lot of entertaining people. 

My point to this whole rambling spiel is this: take that ball of curiosity that gets wedged down underneath the stress of our daily responsibilities and nurture it, let it grow. You may find yourself a lot less bored in life and come out of it with interesting stories to tell. 

Disney did it, why can’t we?

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