Liquid Gold Blog 8: The Flip a Coin Method of Writing

This is a specialized blog series I am posting about the process of publishing my next book from Inspiration to Publication. The working title is Liquid Gold and it is a sequel to my second novel Freedom’s Treasure which is available for the Kindle on
There are times when I am stuck for days on something simple. It has been as small as a last name for a tertiary character and as large as how to start the next chapter. This is one of the latter.
I’m still relatively early in the book. It’s the start of chapter four and we’ve caught up with the main characters from the first book – Anna, Hunter, and his mom Elisa. I haven’t progressed time much so the flow is good and that was relatively easy.
It has become time to introduce the new main characters. Only 1 of them has been mentioned and it was while helping set up yet another introduction. Kirsten is the young lady’s name and she’s going to have a LOT of fun coming up. Her soon to be partner in fighting crime is named Logan and I sense a lot of frustration coming for him. Hopefully it sets off the kind of chemistry we all enjoy during our adventure stories.
Chapter 4’s location is set and I’m about to go off into awesome description land but my dilemma is this: From which of their perspectives do I start the chapter? It essentially sets the tone and yet whichever I start second will receive equal billing. I’ve “run scenarios” repeatedly in both directions and they work equally well.
I’m figuratively banging my head into the desk I don’t have even as I type that out.
Side note: the home office of Three O’Clock Java physically moved and that is one other reason the posts have been as spaced out time wise as they have been of late. As mentioned in another posting in this series, sometimes life happens. Back to the main topic.
Having come across this obstruction before – with different levels of importance – I’ve finally admitted the best way for me to solve the 50/50 problem is the age old way of flipping a coin.
I’m prone to quarters but have used dimes and even pennies.
Flipping a coin has become a popular psychological method on various TV shows. The theory being you flip the coin and by your reaction to the flip you know the right answer. Like this happens every time. I know when I’m truly torn in a 50/50 split and by the time I resort to flipping a coin I’m just thrilled I have an answer.
A few times I’ve gone back and swapped things around but for the most part this method has been very effective. I’ll confess to using it in each of my three previous works and I’m obviously about to use it in chapter 4 of the fourth book. Synchronicity?
Looking at it from the random “fate encouraged me to write it this way” I have to wonder why this actually works.
Is my style so versatile that I can write whatever I’m “told”? Or does the coin flip determine my style? Ouch. I’ll stick with the former.
In my somewhat misspent youth I used to hang out at bars. Surprise! While at them, however, I added my own version of culture. I’d be challenged with a topic and description not of my choosing, handed a piece of paper and been told to write a poem. Free drinks generally followed and I wrote some of my best poems back then. Perhaps it was the feeling of being challenged and perhaps it was sub-conscious training for days like today.
I’ve often felt my entire life was training for these years that I concentrate solely on the written word. It all felt like practice for when the real stuff would begin and that time is now.
Places I’ve been, people I’ve met, the normal and absolute crazy things I’ve seen all led here to this time when I flip a coin to put all that learning and experience “on paper” for others to read, take in their own way and then judge. Was it good? Believable? Do these things really happen? Can they? The last two questions always bring At Wit’s End (my third, also on Amazon for Kindle) to mind. The cyber tricks used are totally feasible and it makes me a little ill.
So. Heads and Kirsten’s voice (our first reference to her is as “the Voice”) leads the charge. Tails and Logan is brought in from the ether and is introduced for the first time.
We’ll know my answer when I’ve hit the Publish button. What’s your question for fate and what will your answer be?

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