Self-Publishing: Kindle Vs. Nook Part 2

In my previous post about Kindle Vs. Nook I concentrated on the differences in actually uploading a finished manuscript to each site. I mentioned the marketing but, at the time, did not have much information about it. It’s been a week or so and I had to make changes after researching what I could. What I learned I’ll explain here. 

Marketing: Amazon grants you 5 days in a three month period to promote your book. When I first started selling there they only offered a promotion that made your book free to the public to download. People love a great deal and I’ve had success with this method. Freedom’s Treasure has had close to 1000 downloads in four months. Not too shabby considering my advertising avenues. 

At the middle of each month they generate a report that shows which markets your book was downloaded in. For example, I have readers in France, Great Britain, Canada and Denmark, to name a few. And that’s part of Amazon’s thing as well, they’re Global with a capital G. 

They have a new promotional offering called a Countdown. Basically you put your book on sale for a set amount and duration. Amazon flashes it to customers with a countdown clock which encourages them to buy it before it’s no longer on sale. A beautiful idea right before the Christmas shopping season begins, if you ask me. 

To take part in either offering you must have your book exclusive with Amazon and be a member of the KDP program. That makes your book available as part of their borrowing program which can net you a random amount of money at the end of the month depending on your number of units borrowed. 

If you are not exclusive with Amazon you can list your book on another site for pennies or free and Amazon will price match which is a way to create your own promotion. 

With Nook I could not find any options for marketing. Not one. That’s a lot of footwork for very little return. I am fortunate that I can reach people through this blog, my author page on Facebook and word of mouth. Not everyone has that foundation when they publish their first book. 

Royalties: Amazon gives you two options, 35% or 70%. The reasons behind it are many-fold. The 70% option means you are eligible for the library program, Amazon Prime which I mentioned above. There is a minimum price setting of $2.99 and if that is the price selected you receive about 2.09 per unit. I recently bumped my prices up having realized I needed more confidence in myself. 

The Nook royalty wasn’t explained quite as well and the page they had set up to look at your sales, though simple, was not as thorough or interactive as Amazon’s sales page. 

Ultimately after exploring my previous and current decisions I became satisfied with my first one. I’ll continue to publish exclusively for Amazon until I have a following of sorts. 

I’ve Googled myself (who hasn’t?) and found the Amazon links come up even before this blog or my Facebook fan page. That tells me something about their advertising, also. 

So, for those interested in self-publishing and aren’t sure where to start, I hope I’ve helped here. I’m still trying to find my way and, of course, I’ll share the journey here. 

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