Self-Publishing: Kindle Vs. Nook

When I first published Freedom’s Treasure it was set exclusive for the Kindle through Amazon. That was so I could be a part of their lending system which I thought would help add to spreading the word about this amazing new author (I’m grinning humbly over here). Amazon has to be the largest internet book retailer so of course, that’s where I went first. 

The system is pretty easy. Have a manuscript finished and do a final edit. Once you’ve done so verify that the format is correct. I write in Word, a program I am basically proficient in. I used to be much better, back in the days of temp and office work. The indentations and the like have to be set up just right. Page breaks in between chapters are important. You also have to create a Table of Contents. For me that’s been a fail both times (Extremity and Freedom’s Treasure). Fortunately I have my own IT department and they’re happy to lend a hand. 

Once you’ve uploaded the manuscript and selected your cover art there are questions about Rights and Pricing. These are important questions to answer correctly. Kindle gives you two options for Royalties – 35% or 70%. There are requirements for the 70% option but they aren’t bad. If you select to enroll in the KDP program you will have special options into the lending program which can grant you a random allotment of money at the end of the month. 

Marketing is also quite easy on Kindle. They have 5 promotional days each three month period where a book can be offered for free. I’ve had some success with this having had readers in other countries download my novels. It helps spread the word. There’s also a new offering, a promotional Countdown. I haven’t tried that as of yet but will report back any success or failure on that side. If you are enrolled in the KDP Program the book has to be exclusively available on Kindle/Amazon. 

At the end of my first three month period for Freedom’s Treasure I removed that book from KDP. The library side had only netted 7 downloads total. My theory was that I would add it to Nook, depending on ease of transition, believing I would receive more sales than library downloads. 

It took a few days for the Vendor Account to be approved. That’s so they know where to send the money you make and all that fun stuff. Tax info – blech. 

One of the main differences is the very start of the process. If the manuscript isn’t complete – or even started yet – there’s a manuscript writer in the projects page. That’s correct, no need for a writing program for the Nook books. The full manuscript can be uploaded and then edited for proper formatting. 

Warning: if the manuscript was published on Kindle first, REMOVE the Table of Contents. The Nook application will stall out permanently if the TOC is still included. The Nook creates a TOC for you including Dedication, Title, Cover Art, Acknowledgments page, anything you can think of. 

Continuing on that theme: if you used the page breaks in Word for the Kindle manuscript, you will have to go through the Nook editor and create new chapters. It’s not difficult, more annoying. The way to avoid that is to use Section Breaks, according to the Nook site. I have not tried that as of yet.

A few more questions, similar to the Kindle – Rights and Pricing, Author Bio, etc – and you’re all set. The notice said it would take 48-72 hours to process but Freedom’s Treasure was on 24. I was quite impressed. Kindle also took about 24 hours to have the book available. They sent an email with a link, Nook did not. 

I have yet to discover a marketing tool for the Nook Books but I have only just opened that account. When I have further information I’ll add it. 

All around I found the process relatively simple for both sites. I checked into the PlayStore books for Google and have discovered many, many blogs complaining that it is impossible. I may hold off on that. Apple’s iBooks is also an option though they want it formatted in epub which can require an aggregator. I’ve not gone further than researching that one. 

When my next manuscript is complete I will publish on both sites at the same time. Kindle first as that formatting fits more criteria for the Nook. Uploading to Kindle first makes Nook uploading and polishing that much easier. 

Last Minute warning: If you publish to Kindle first it is best to go through after the transfer to Nook and check any bold or italicized fonts you have. Sometimes they stay, sometimes they disappear. 

Best of luck to you all!  At the bottom I’ve included links to each book and the site they’re currently available on. 

Freedom’s Treasure, a romance, Kindle –

Freedom’s Treasure, a romance, Nook –

Extremity, Sean Stone Book 1, Mystery, Kindle –

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