Conspiracy Research That Became Tangentially Political

Good afternoon, gang!

The past few days research has been into a few things that delve into politics. This is my own fault for choosing to put a weird political twist in my latest book. I should have known that it would make me look into things that would bother the heck out of me. I promised when I began this blog that I would stay away from politics. There are more than enough people out there taking care of that for me and my gratitude goes to them. It would turn into a full time job.

So, Conspiracy Theories. Love ’em or Hate ’em, they are here to stay. There are several historically popular theories. Think Grassy Knoll. Think Moon Landing. Area 51. These we can look at and, with a light chuckle, dismiss or merely regard them for their entertainment value. The joys of history. 

There are also modern conspiracy theories. The “NSA/DIA/CIA/AlphabetSoupGalore is spying on the entire country” theory has actually been proven correct. Whoops. The more recent theories are harder to debate. There is more emotion involved and, trust me, no one chuckles. I make no judgment on these, I’m trying to stay neutral as I lay them out. Some are blatantly Right Wing, some are blatantly Left Wing, some disturb me to the point of nightmares. 

The World Trade Center buildings are thought to have been brought down by the government. George Bush specifically so that we could attack Iraq. 

President Obama was born in Kenya and all newspaper announcements and official paperwork have been Photo-Shopped and thus he is not qualified to be President. This is often referred to as Birtherism. 

President Obama is a secret Muslim Cleric who is meddling in the Middle East to bring on or become the Caliphate. 

Ronald Reagan met with the Iranian Hostage takers personally and convinced them not to release the hostages until and unless he won the election. 

The glitches on the Affordable Care Act webpage were sabotage by the Koch Brothers paying a programmer or two to create catastrophic events at roll-out. 

Osama bin Laden wasn’t actually killed. He was removed from the compound and is currently being held in an undisclosed location for unknown and diabolical purposes. 

Osama bin Laden has been dead for 15 years. 

So, the list goes on and on. What I realized as I wrote that list is I could probably have used Google to search for the basic parameters of the fictional Conspiracy Theory and used a real one. And perhaps what I came up with is a real one and that’s fine and dandy. I actually hope it is; then I wouldn’t be responsible for an all new one. 

The reasons I didn’t search those parameters are pretty simple:

First, it would be lazy – mentally.

Second, I wanted the theory to sound half-baked and not completely thought through. Had I used a prepared theory the reasoning and facts and whatnot may have been too smooth. I need it to be brilliant in its stupidity and lack of thorough consideration. 

Have I stirred up your curiosity? All the better. At Wit’s End will be available before Christmas. 

In the meantime Freedom’s Treasure, a romance, and Extremity, a crime thriller, by A.K. Lawrence are available in the Kindle Store. You can find the links throughout my pages. You can also follow me at

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