Newly Released on Amazon Kindle: Freedom’s Treasure by A.K. Lawrence

I am pleased and thrilled to announce the release of Freedom’s Treasure by A.K. Lawrence on the Amazon Kindle platform. This URL provides the necessary information:

Book Description

Publication Date: August 1, 2013
Anna Mylan can’t take it anymore. She quits her job as a reporter and sells everything she owns. She moves to a rural town in Michigan for the peace and quiet to begin writing her Great American Mystery Novel. She meets a charming cast of characters and discovers secrets buried in the floor of her home. She learns that peace and quiet aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.
Hunter Williams is happy in his small town life. Born and raised in Baldwin, Michigan, he takes great pride in his community. When Anna stumbles, quite literally, upon a clue that may answer the largest mystery the town has known he becomes swept up in the adventure and in Anna’s eyes.
The two race against an unknown adversary who is determined to locate a treasure left behind by a run-away slave in the Civil War era.
When I first wrote Freedom’s Treasure it was specifically written for a romance publisher. When they passed on the story (I’m assuming it wasn’t topical enough, all things considered) I knew that I would self-publish.
The digital era allows us to do things like this and it is in every writer’s interest to make use of the tools that are available. Why spend months or even years writing a novel only to have it collect dust on a hard drive? It made little sense to me.
I hope that you’ll take the time to look at the book that I’m offering the world. It’s set at the great price of $2.99 through Amazon and it is also available for free through the Amazon Prime program.
Thank you.

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