Freedom’s Treasure to Endure; Amazon Campaign not-so-secretly considered

In August of last year a writing contest was brought to my attention. The contest was sponsored by a very popular romance publisher and questioned one’s ability to write in the title. I thought it cute. 

The rules were simple. A first chapter to be emailed in. Readers would vote and the preferred books would submit more chapters, etc, until a winner was selected. Only completed manuscripts need apply. That part makes absolute sense. Nothing like having to disqualify oneself because one can’t stick to a deadline. Oy. 

I didn’t have a completed manuscript that would have been appropriate for the contest so, essentially on a dare, I began writing one. The first chapter could be no longer than 5000 words and I used that as my format for each chapter. 

And thus, Anna and Hunter were born although if you’re in your 30’s when you’re created, are you really born? I could ask them and see what they think but the two haven’t been as chatty since I began working with Marie and Wit. But I digress. 

I knew I wouldn’t finish writing my manuscript in time for the contest but that didn’t matter. The first 6 chapters flew by and I felt compelled to finish it. I moved from Michigan, where Freedom’s Treasure is based, in January and brought it with me. I finished it in February. 

Because I wrote it specifically for a contest, or at least loosely based on a contest, the only publisher I planned on submitting it to was, of course, the host of the writing deal. I did so in late February. 

After waiting the suggested time I was informed, very politely, that Freedom’s Treasure will not be finding a home with that particular publisher. Yes, I believe in my book. No, there is no question of that. 

What I learned from this was to do my research about topics. Who, exactly, is looking for a book based in Michigan about two people falling in love as they search for a treasure hidden by a run away slave during the time of the Underground Railroad? Who, I ask you? 

Not having the answer to that, I decided to find out. Amazon, of course it’s Amazon, has a publishing service. I’m researching that and, with some formatting and tweaking, I intend to have Freedom’s Treasure available by AK Lawrence to all and sundry (or those who use Kindle or Amazon, anyway) in the near future. As more information emerges, I will be sharing. 

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