Welcome to My 3:00 Java Break

For the past few years I have been writing novels. The first, Extremity, was a learning experience beyond anything I could have imagined. The next one, Freedom’s Treasure, was easier to format thanks to the experience I gained with Extremity. Now that I’m on the third I have enough experience that I can concentrate on the story, rather than the technical aspects like chapter length, word count and the like. 

What I’ve discovered during the process is this: Where you begin and mean to go is never where you end up. 

During the writing of At Wit’s End I have researched many different topics,the majority of which felt like a HUGE part of my book and then fell off to the wayside. I would be practically obsessed with a topic and I’d read as much as I could about it. I’d talk to people who’d experienced what I was looking at and I would reflect on my personal knowledge and experience to help enhance what I was learning. Then I’d throw 3-4 days of work away as a better obsession took root. It’s damn near embarrassing.

Upon discussing this method with a close friend of mine I realized how interested I, too, was becoming in the process of writing. Where did my brain go that day? How many words were I able to write before I wanted to pull my brain out of my ears? 

It seemed that at 3:00 every day I would break and have a last cup of coffee for the day. No writing, no research, no texts or emails, that kind of break. I would think about the research, whether I’d continue writing for the day and I’d let my brain branch out in word association form to decide what comes next.

Afterward I’d stare at the blinking cursor and either continue, edit or let those associations flow. Because my close friend was interested in the process, I thought I would share it.

This blog, however, will not be only about the books and research. Random thoughts and whatnot will, of course, make it’s way here. I hope you find it interesting.  

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